Since 2021, Professor Swire has led a team researching the risks that data localization would cause for cybersecurity.  As of the summer of 2023, here are the two papers released to date:

  1. “The Risks of Data Localization on Cybersecurity – Organizational Effects” is the current, shorter version of the first paper on this research topic. “The Risks of Data Localization on Cybersecurity” is the previous version of this first paper that includes discussion of the interaction of privacy and cybersecurity for these topics.
  2. “The Risks to Cybersecurity from Data Localization, Organized by Techniques, Tactics, and Procedures” is the second paper.
  3. On March 9, 2022, Professor Swire was a panelist at the CSIS webinar entitled “Cybersecurity Considerations for Data Localization Regulation.”
  4. On June 6, 2022, Professor Swire was a panelist on the panel entitled “Are Data Localization Policies a Looming Disaster for Cybersecurity?” at the RSA Conference.