This page provides supplemental materials for Prof. Peter Swire’s Communications of the ACM article “A Pedagogic Cybersecurity Framework: A Proposal for Teaching the Organizational, Legal, and International Aspects of Cybersecurity.”

1.  You can read the article here.

2.  Prof. Swire’s keynote presentation “The Pedagogic Cybersecurity Framework and the Non-Code Aspects of Cybersecurity” that was given at the 2019 Workshop on the Economics of Information Security in Boston on June 3, 2019 is available here.

3.  Prof. Swire’s presentation “Expanding the OSI Stack to Describe Categories of Privacy Tasks” that was given at the NIST Privacy Framework Conference at Georgia Tech on May 12, 2019 is available here.

4.  Prof. Swire’s presentation “The Growing Importance of the Non-Code Aspects of Cybersecurity” that was given as a DePaul Hosier Lecture at DePaul University on February 7, 2019 is available here.

5.  Prof. Swire’s presentation “The Non-Code Layers of the Cyberstack – Lessons for Cybersecurity” that was given at a Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business Faculty Workshop on December 7, 2017 is available here.

6.  Tony Z. Tan’s report “Separation of Layers” that examines the layers of the OSI stack and finds there is no clear separation between the different layers is available here.